Volunteer Vignettes 4: Steve Rauch


Steve Rauch, AJA 50+ Treasurer

Steve Rauch is an AJA 50+ treasure(r).  All kidding aside, Steve is definitely both.  Members are extremely grateful for his steady hand on the financial tiller of the good ship AJA. 

Steve’s journey to Ottawa began in Brooklyn where his early education took place in a co-ed yeshiva-style school.  His university career began in Troy, N.Y. at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute from which he graduated in 1965 with a B.Sc. degree in mathematics.  Pursuing post-graduate studies at the University of Maryland’s Computer Science Center, Steve earned a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics.  Along the way, he married his beloved Doris, whom he met at Camp Massad in Pennsylvania, and in 1971, with a baby on the way, they decamped for Steve’s new position at the University of New Brunswick.

Steve and Doris lived in Fredericton for the next 37 years.  Steve began his academic career in UNB’s School of Computer Science, on the ground in developing this new program which, in 1990, became the first Faculty of Computer Science in Canada.  In 1989, Steve became the Assistant Dean as well as Director of the Faculty’s Co-op program.  Steve retired from UNB in 2006 and two years later the Rauches moved to Ottawa so they could be closer to a growing family.

Hoping to meet people and to integrate into the Jewish community, Steve looked into AJA 50+, attracted initially by the opportunity to play bridge.  Shortly after, Steve began his tenure on the AJA Board of Directors which continues to this day.  After getting a good sense of how the organization worked, Steve chaired or co-chaired the annual bridge fundraiser and in 2012 assumed the role of treasurer.  Eleven years and running, Steve remains in this important position having brought his expertise and technical knowledge to set up the computer programs needed to manage AJA’s finances.  He appreciates the opportunities to maintain his computer and problem-solving skills in order to guide AJA on a solid fiscal path.

With Doris active in AJA 50+ as well, Steve looks back fondly on his time with the organization.  “It made a real difference in our life experience and quality of life,” he noted, and he is grateful for the friends he has made along the way. Steve heartily recommends volunteering to all AJA members.  “I would advise all AJA-ers to get involved.  It’s beneficial to the individual and ensures a bright future for AJA 50+”.