Board and Committees

AJA 50+ is governed by a Board of Directors, elected from our membership every spring. 

Hannah Bernstein, President of AJA 50+

Hannah Bernstein


Board of Directors 2023-24

President: Hannah Bernstein,
Immediate Past President: Gail Krochmalnek
First Vice-President: Doug Kalman
Second Vice-President (vacant)
Secretary: Dena Speevak
Treasurer: Steve Rauch 


  • Ricki Baker
  • Neil Blacher
  • Susana Bleuer
  • Dan Clein
  • Janet Cohen
  • Mendy Diamond
  • Jeanette Finkelstein
  • Michael Green
  • Rachel Pernica 
  • Dan Sigler
  • Eric Vernon
  • Toby Yan

The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the Board:
Sheila Osterer, 613-286-3336


All members are invited to participate on committees in areas of their interest.

Finance Chair: Doug Kalman
Membership Chair: Dan Sigler,
Program Chair: Maria Somjen,
Communications Chair: Eric Vernon
Volunteers Chair: Gail Krochmalnek,