AJA welcomes all volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities

Members can get involved in all aspects of the organization:

  • executive planning
  • managing finances
  • identifying and often even delivering programs
  • providing hospitality at our many get togethers
  • organizing our fundraising activities
  • or any other area in which you might be able to help

Our volunteer coordinator is Gail Krochmalnek. Please feel free to contact her at g_krochmalnek@hotmail.com.


Volunteer Vignettes

Meet some of our volunteers. Profiles are written by Eric Vernon.

Flo Morgan, AJA 50+ Registrar

Meet Flo

Dan Sigler, AJA 50+ Membership Chair

Meet Dan

Den Speevak, AJA 50+ Volunteer

Meet Dena

Steve Rauch, AJA 50+ Treasurer

Meet Steve