AJA 50+ is a volunteer run organization.
Members get involved in all aspects of the organization:
executive planning, managing finances, identifying and often even delivering programs, providing hospitality at our many get togethers, and organizing our fundraising activities.
Our volunteer coordinator is Gail Krochmalnek.
There are many opportunities to participate in ways that are both large and small.








Volunteer Recognition
In June 2018, AJA 50+ hosted an event in appreciation of the 80 members who actively gave their time and effort to the organization in the 2017-2018 membership year. They enjoyed a visit and lunch at the Army Officer’s Mess on Somerset Street .  This interesting building was the home of Lillian Bilsky Freiman. Nicknamed The Poppy Lady , she was a Jewish-Canadian philanthropist and initiated the poppy as a symbol of remembrance for the war dead.  The first poppies were made right in her living room.

Gail Krochmalnek, Volunteer Chair and First Vice President and Cynthia Powell, President, gave a heartfelt thank you speech to all our volunteers.  Our volunteers indicated how much they enjoyed this special event.

Volunteer coordination and recognition are a part of the fabric of AJA 50+